The IFB Institut für fotografische Bildung (Institute for Photographic Education) addresses various aspects of photography and maintains a high academic standard. Our approach provides technical and applied methods from both scientific and artistic perspectives. The IFB intends to improve its students’ understanding of photography as a medium of expression, to advance their photographic capabilities, and to discuss the social impact that photography has on our lives.

The IFB is for all interested persons who wish to develop their photographic skills and to deepen their understanding of the field, with courses offered for all skill levels. In addition, the group classes are catered to the individual needs of each participant.

The photography courses and workshops are adapted to the academic priorities of the respective modules. In combination with specialized activities, courses are often held at selected locations abroad. Other classes offered aim to create portfolios for applications, to make books, or to develop exhibition concepts. Regardless of the course objectives and content, IFB will consistently offer a contemporary discourse.

All IFB courses, with the assistance of their respective teachers, are designed to achieve optimum learning that is both sustainable and unique.

The technical breadth and depth of the program are provided by faculty who have established themselves internationally in the arts and applied fields of photography; accordingly, they are able to draw on a key issues with firsthand perspectives.

Regardless of the venue, the seminars and workshops are held in German, with most classes also available in English.